Meet Our Pharmacist

My name is Sabina Sebastian, the pharmacist and owner of Take Care Pharmacy in Elizabeth, New Jersey. I received my pharmaceutical Bachelor degree in 1998, from The Arnold & Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences in Brooklyn, New York. I started my career as a pharmacist since 1998. However, I have worked in the large chain pharmacy business for over 14 years. Through the years I have been part of many pharmacy practices that included large corporations, independent pharmacy businesses, and non-profit organizations.

I received my doctor of pharmacy degree in 2011, from the University of Florida. Upon graduation I decided to start an independent pharmacy to practice because it is completely in line with my goals as a pharmacist. Compared to all my other experiences, working for an independent pharmacy is my favorite due to the flexibility I am given to best meet the needs of my residents and customers. I have really enjoyed developing a personal relationship with so many customers here in the Elizabeth and in other neighboring communities. One of the best parts of my career is that it gives me the opportunity to create mutually respectful and meaningful friendships with my customers. I have genuinely enjoyed getting to know people in the Elizabeth community and look forward to serving their pharmacy needs.

As your pharmacist, I feel that it is my obligation and responsibility to be an educator. My passion lies in teaching patients how to correctly and responsibly use their medications. I strive to have my patients reach an understanding of not only what they are taking, but also why it’s important to them. I also strive to be a patient advocate with other health care professionals. I have a very good relationship with many local doctors and health care professionals, so I can often be a good go-between when patients have concerns.

Recently, I have become more involved in initiatives to increase immunization awareness and availability within the community. We offer flu shots, shingles vaccine, pneumonia and other pertinent vaccines upon request. Other services I offer are FREE prescription pickup and delivery, medication management evaluations and private consults, blood pressure monitoring, blood glucose monitor consults and compound medications.

I really look forward to connecting with you at your neighborhood – Take Care Pharmacy, A Local Pharmacist in Elizabeth NJ!

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Our Pharmacist