Conversations at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revolve around a prevalent topic these days – an uptick in flu cases, and potential peaking of infections due to the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). Our relentless fight against COVID-19 does continue, but these two illnesses have certainly made their way onto our radar.

#### COVID-19 Remains Most Significant Respiratory Illness

COVID-19 – that unwelcome guest still refuses to leave! With about 15,000 hospitalizations and around 1,000 fatalities weekly, we cannot afford to push it out of our awareness, says Dr. Mandy Cohen, the head honcho at the CDC.

### Checking into Reports of Pneumonia in Kids

Across the country, two states now have an unfortunate commonality – there’s chatter about outbreaks of pneumonia among their youngest residents. Our team at the CDC is investigating, but Dr. Cohen assures us there hasn’t been any evidence to show any unusual origin.

# Flu Spreads Increase Across Several U.S. States

Let’s talk flu now. Just think back to early November when seven U.S. states had high levels of flu-like sickness. Fast forward to a new CDC report released this Friday, and that count has increased to eleven states. These states mostly stretch across the southern and southwestern regions of the U.S.

## Sharp Rise in RSV Cases

Taking a peek at RSV, over the past month, infections due to this virus have shot up in certain corners of our nation. Hospital emergency departments in states such as Georgia and Texas, among others, have been swamped with cases. But Dr. Cohen asserts, “we believe the peak of RSV season is within our sights, perhaps in the upcoming week.”

#### Impacts of RSV

For those wondering, RSV or respiratory syncytial virus generally triggers mild cold-like symptoms. However, it can prove significantly harmful for infants and senior citizens.

### Report of Pneumonia Cases in Kids

We circle back to the subject of pneumonia in children, with specific reports emerging from Massachusetts and Warren County, Ohio, near Cincinnati. This lung infection can result from an assortment of causes and potentially complicate situations involving COVID-19, flu, or even RSV.

#### Situation in Ohio

In Ohio, since the end of the last summer, health officials have logged 145 instances. Thankfully, most of these young patients have recuperated in the comfort of their homes. The triggers range from common viruses to familiar strains of bacteria, the officials share with relief.

# Surge in Respiratory Situations Abroad

Not only in the U.S., but a similar situation unfolded recently in China, where health officials noted a surge in respiratory sickness. They attributed it to the flu and other usual suspects.

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